The 100 Day Project is a community of creatives who dedicate 100 days in a row to their art every spring

The 6th annual #The100DayProject just wrapped up and artists all over the globe are celebrating, including yours truly!


The 100 Day Project is an online community of creatives who commit to doing their art every day for 100 days

The 100 day project is an online community of artists who commit to doing a creative project every day for 100 days. Your project can be ANYTHING as long as you’re doing something creative that you enjoy.

I saw so many amazing projects this year, from drawing and painting to yarn crafts, ukulele songs, and even some swing dancing!

Personally, I committed to 100 days of photography. I had oodles of photographs just sitting around on my hard-drive, unedited and collecting virtual dust. I love taking photos and learning about photography, but don’t do much with them after they’re taken.

So every day since early April, I’ve been editing and posting new photographs to Instagram. (I started out taking a new photo every day for the project, but quickly found that to be too much.)

Committing to 100 days of photography for the 100 day project

This project showed me how far I have yet to go in exploring and finding my own photographic style. However, it also helped me to discover subjects and colors I love to work with, as well as styles that, while popular right now, I honestly don’t care for in my personal work.

The 100 Day Project was so inspirational. I got to connect with creatives who do similar work as me, as well as people who did projects I would love to do more of, such as watercoloring, crochet and knitting, and designing.

Members of this community are wonderful to be around – they are helpful, kind, and courageous. It’s difficult and scary to put your art out into the world, but not with these people.

While the 100 days positively flew by, I will admit that it got difficult to continue about three-fourths of the way through. Members were encouraging however, and I stuck with it!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with skipping a few days to catch your breath, or stopping the project altogether. The beauty of this project is that it’s entirely what you make of it!

You can start your own 100 day project at any time, or you can wait for the spring to start anew with the community! Head to their website for updates on the next project!

Check out my Instagram if you’d like to see some of my photographic work from this year’s project! 

Comment below if you or anyone you know has participated in the 100 Day Project before! What was your creative project and what did you learn from it?


#100dayproject is a community of artists committing to 100 days of their art! Read about my personal experience doing 100 days of photography in 2019. #100daysofphotography #photography