5-minute Morning Yoga to Start Your Day!


Do you want to start your day with a gentle yoga stretch, but don’t have a lot of time to devote to a yoga class?


These 5-minute yoga stretches are a quick and gentle way to start your day with some mindful movement!


Class Types

One class is guided, which is a great choice for anyone new to yoga or just beginning their practice.


The other two are silent, minimal cues classes.


Minimal Cues Classes

For these classes, the pose names are on the screen and a bell will signal when it’s time for the next pose.


Silent yoga classes are great for students who are already familiar with the poses and how to do them.



Props aren’t required for any of these classes, but are of course always a welcome addition! 

I usually like to have at least a couple of blocks nearby just in case I want to use them! 

Class Videos

Take your pick of 5-minute morning practices from the videos below!