Quality guided meditations can be found for free right on YouTube, and some of my favorites include ones from Yoga with Adriene and Brett Larkin Yoga

Guided meditations are a great resource for anyone new to meditating or looking to try a new meditation style.

There are many high-quality free ones right on YouTube! Here are a few of my personal favorites.

1. Yoga with Adriene – Meditation for Inner Peace
This 11-minute guided meditation from Adriene is one I practice anytime I need to find emotional balance. Give it a try if you’re feeling the need to focus inward.

2. Brett Larkin Yoga – Kundalini Meditation for Mental Control and Focus
This 12-minute guided meditation from Brett involves a physically challenging Kundalini Kriya – keeping your arms lifted for a certain length of time. Despite this challenge, or perhaps because of it, this class still does wonders for improving focus and mental control.


3. Yoga with Adriene – Meditation for Anxiety
This 14-minute guided meditation from Adriene is a good tool if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.  This class focuses on the breath and helps to re-balance your energy.


Let me know if you have any personal favorite guided meditations – I’d love to give them a try!

Check out my top three favorite guided meditations - free on YouTube! #meditation #meditationforbeginners